Story Corner


Welcome to our virtual story corner. Here you will find stories, poems and book chapters read by staff and children at Lyndhurst Primary.

The stories are updated regularly and divided by Key Stage, so keep checking back.

Key Stage 1 (Reception – Year 2)


Brown Bear, Brown Bear – in English and Spanish, read by Ruben
Brown Bear, Brown Bear

The Smartest Giant in Town – Julia Donaldson’s book read by Ms Baldwin
The Smartest Giant in Town

The Three Little Pigs – The classic story read by Ms Baldwin
Three Pigs

Little Red Riding Hood – A short version of the classic Grimms’ tale read by Ms Baldwin
Little Red

The Little Red Hen (with sound effects!)- traditional folk tale read by Lyph, Ihsan, Lily, Sophie and Alfie in Yangtze class (year 2).
Listen here

George’s Marvellous Medicine  – The Marvellous Plan, by Roald Dahl – read by Ms Sawh with contributions by children in Yangtze class (year 2).
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Key Stage 2 (Year 3 – Year 6)

Pandora’s Box –
The Greek Myth. Read by Ms Baldwin.
Pandora’s Box

The Gift of Fire – The story of Zeus & Promethus. Read by Ms Baldwin
The Gift of Fire

Persephone and the Seasons – Find out in this Greek Myth why we have seasons. Ready by Ms Baldwin

– The story of how the girl Arachne was made a spider by Athena. Read by Ms Baldwin

Jason & The Golden Fleece – The classic Greek tale of a hero’s quest. Read by Ms Baldwin
Jason & Golden Fleece

Orpheus & Eurydice – The ancient legend about the fateful love of Orpheus & Eurydice. Read by Ms Baldwin
Orpheus story
Fantastic Mr Fox –
by Roald Dahl. Read by Ms Harwood. Split in 3 parts & with sound effects!

Part 1
Listen here
Listen here
Part 3

Listen here
Otto: The Autobiography of a Teddy Bear
– by Tommy Ungerer. Read by Ms Saeed. A beautiful story about the Holocaust, exploring identity, age & class.
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Little Red Riding Hood – Grimm’s Tales – read by Daniel & Flo in Orinoco (year 5). Listen Here

Two Radio Plays – Written and performed by Nathan, Martha, Lina, Theo, Ayanna and Hannah in year 5. Listen Here

Alien Stories – Written and performed by children in year 5. Listen Here
The Stranger – A story by Lina in Volga class. Listen Here