Grove FM is an award winning radio station and new media unit based at Lyndhurst Primary School.

We create broadcasts which are linked to the curriculum and school life. Families and the wider school community then listen to these broadcasts.

GroveFM was established in 2006 as part of the Lyndhurst Dyslexia Centre, to support children’s language and literacy development through radio and technology. We aim to create interesting, informative and educational programs where children are given a platform to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

There are many positive impacts of radio

  • It is a space for children to feel knowledgeable and powerful.
  • It promotes speaking and listening skills.
  • It allows families to gain access and insight into their child’s school life
  • It can be used as an informal assessment tool for the teachers to see how and what the children have learnt.
  • It enables children to express themselves freely, which can be particularly important to children who struggle academically with school.
  • It gives children access to new technologies in a creative and exciting way.

Here at Grove FM we produce work that is child-led. The emphasis is not on final product, although a professional product is a bonus; our focus is on the process of creating work – how we work as a team and develop ideas to fruition.

We run a very popular after-school Radio Club, where year 5 & 6 children create work independently using radio, film, green screens and Sounbeam. The children bring fantastic ideas, loads of enthusiasm and real technological flare, all of which mixes together to make brilliant work.